Vem är var?

More films about Little Teddy, Birdy, Kittie, Rabbit and Teddie-Piggy. Stories about sleeping over at a friend’s house, for the first time. But also about being lonely, falling in love and about Kittie who came to his parents from another part of the world.

Director Jessica Laurén
Script & design Stina Wirsén
Producer Linda Hambäck
Voice/Storyteller Gunnar Bolin
Music Pompe Hedengren
Animation Dockhus Animation
Production company FilmTecknarna (Rights holder LEE Film)
Financiers Svenska Filminstitutet, Film i Väst, SVT, NFTF, YLE
Distributor in Sweden Folkets Bio AB
International sales LEE Film
Formats 30 minutes feature, 4 min x 16 eps TV series
Release year 2011 


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