Three perfectly true stories about lying. In three episodes based on documentary interviews we meet the burglar who, when found out, claims to be a moonlighting accountant, the boy who finds himself lying and confessing to a crime he didn’t commit and the woman whose whole life has been a chain of lies.

Director Jonas Odell
Interviews Richard Dinter, Tinna Joné
Script & design Jonas Odell
Producer Linda Hambäck
Voices/Cast Lisa Norström, Tommie Hansson
Music Martin Landquist
Animation Jonas Odell, Per Helin, Marcus Krupa, Arvid Steen, Fredrik Persson
Production company FilmTecknarna
Financiers Svenska Filminstitutet, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, SVT, YLE
Distributor Folkets Bio AB
International sales New Europe Film Sales
Release year 2008 

Lars Rodvaldr

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