Bajsfilmen - Dolores och Gunellens värld

Dolores and Gunellen are very different. Still they are best friends and live together. But one day, Gunellen decides to go and see the world. Dolores does not want to be left alone and to make Gunellen stay, she tells her friend all about hair, poop, life, death and love. But what if all this only makes Gunellen more eager to leave. The film is loosely based on Pernilla Stalfelt's inspiring books.

Director Linda Hambäck
Script writers Anders Sparring and Janne Vierth
Original work Pernilla Stalfelt
Composer Martin Östergren
Voices Mia Skäringer (Gunellen), Klara Zimmergren (Dolores), Rikard Wolff (speaker)
Animation Dockhus Animation
Producer Linda Hambäck
Production Company LEE Film
Financiers SVT, Film Väst, Nordisk Film and TV Fund, Konstnärsnämnden, YLE
Distributor in Sweden Folkets Bio
International Sales LEE Film
Formats 44 minutes feature, 7 x 7 minutes TV series