Grammis for best children album - What if... 2016!

Storyteller and singer Nina Persson. Photo: Johan Sundell.

Press the picture and you will enter the musicvideo for What if we were bugs...


Nina Persson won a Grammis for best children album - What if... 24th of February 2016!

Nina Persson performs, Martin Östergren has done the composing and the lyrics are written by Lena Sjöberg. The english translations are made by Neil Betteridge.

Last year the swedish versions of the songs won the Manifest gala for best music for children with the motivation:

"Poetiska funderingar som tar barns tankar om alternativa liv på allvar. Till stämningsfulla, svängiga och jazziga toner utforskar vi de fantastiska världar som skulle kunna vara våra!"

That is: “Poetic refections that take childrens thoughts on alternative lives seriously. Accompanied by moving, trendy and jazzy tunes, we explore the fantastic worlds that could be ours!”

All songs swedish and english versions of TÄNK OM... and WHAT IF... are to be found on Spotify!