GORDON AND PADDY - Premiere at Christmas in Sweden - 22nd of Dec!

A swedish crime story for the youngest audience - Gordon and Paddy will premiere in the cinemas the 22nd of December in Sweden!

In the forest, the animals are telling the tale of when The Fox was raging. But that was a long time ago. By now, she should be gone, right?

But when the old toad, Superintendent Gordon retires and his young assistant, the mouse Paddy takes over the office, strange things start happening. Two children disappear and the animals start whispering nervously that The Fox might be back. Paddy sees herself forced to go to Gordon for help, and together they manage to solve the most difficult case the forest ever faced.


Gordon and Paddy is directed by Linda Hambäck and the animation is created by Dockhus Animation. Script written by Janne Vierth based on Ulf Nilsson and Gitte Spees books about Gordon and Paddy. Music by Martin Landquist. Art Director Ola Larsson and head of animation Elinor Bergman. The film is distributed by TriArt Film in the Nordic countries.